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  • Developer: Zynga
  • Genre: Card Games
  • Version: 10.12.7
User Rating: Rating 4.73

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Jack Walsh

Spades Plus is a free-to-play card app with a unique design and highly addictive gameplay! This is an excellent program for those who want to have a great time. The application includes a chat where you can talk to your friends while playing. Spades Plus game download is available for iOS and Android devices.


It is a mobile card game with simple rules and complex strategy. It is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and four players and is best enjoyed with real people, but you can probably play Spades Plus with a computer-controlled opponent if you're really bored.

Ace is the highest card here. The player holding it will make the bid. The goal of Spades Plus game is to win tricks containing valuable cards and, at the same time, try to reduce the number of tricks you will win.


The app has a very intuitive interface and is very easy to play. Just tap the cards you want to play, your partner will do the same. Free Spades Plus game will automatically calculate the score, and after each hand, it will give you the chance to join in again.

Overall, interface of this title is very simple and easy to play. Graphics and color combination used in this app are good and attractive. Spades Plus download is a must if you want to enjoy a wonderful card game with a lot of new features.


The Spades Plus online free application will help you to play card games with friends, family members, and other players from all over the world. Play Spades Plus free app with your friends or challenge yourself with exciting tournaments! 


There are 4 modes available: Classic, Solo, Mirror, and Whiz. Classic is the original Spades game and is played with two teams of two players each. The goal is to be the first team to get 1000 points by capturing cards and making bids. 

Whiz is played with 2 teams of 2 players each and is similar to Classic mode except that each team gets 3 bids and goal is to get the most points by getting the highest total in the tricks. 

The Mirror mode is played with 2 teams of 3 players each, and it is the same as Classic except that the player sitting in the middle of the team is considered the "mirror." He/she gets to make bids after the first trick has been played. The goal of this mode is to get 1000 points first. 

The Solo mode is played with one player against computer. 


  • How many players can participate?
    Up to 16 people can participate in tournament.
  • Can I download Spades Plus free version?
    Yes, you can visit App Store or Google Play Store to get the application, or just click on the Download button below.
  • Do I need to be online to play it?
    No, there is no to be online for Spades Plus play online option as long as you compete with AI. But if you want to play with friends, go online.


Spades Plus free app is a game that fits into the hearts of all gamers. The app is based on the standard card game of Spades, and it provides you with a new and exciting variant of the original title that will be loved by both fans and newcomers. Install Spades Plus on your device and start playing this simple but very addictive card game.


  • Smooth gameplay, easier to play than ever before;
  • Offline mode;
  • You can chat with online players;
  • Different modes available.


  • The game is free to download, but you have to pay for additional card decks.

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